Do you miss the Magic Kingdom web cam that Disney took down several years ago? We do. Unfortunately, it does not look like it is coming back anytime soon. So what is a Disney World fan to do!?! We have put our heads together here at WDWLIVE to solve this problem. Our solution is our very own Walt Disney World Virtual Web Cam.

Is this a LIVE web cam? Of course not. Only Disney could offer something like that. Instead, we offer you dynamic video footage looking down Main Street U.S.A. Depending on the time of day you visit our web cam, the video adjusts itself to (roughly) reflect real daylight conditions. Our unique algorithm also randomizes the video you see within the time block of your visit. And if you visit at just the right time, you might be lucky enough to get a glimpse of Share a Dream Come True, SpectroMagic or Wishes!

The footage was filmed over several trips to the World, starting in 2004 (like the near-empty Main Street video that plays late at night) and the latest being in September 2006 (that's why the Castle has the mirror but not all the spirals). In all there are about 300 clips and almost 4 hours of footage. Some clips play at specific times, like Share a Dream at about 3:10 pm, Spectromagic around 9:00 pm and Wishes at 10:00 pm. Other time periods have a set of clips (usually around 10 to 20) that randomly play (but not the same twice in a row). The SAME SET of 300 clips play every day.

The cam is not perfect. It will not match the sunlight conditions 100% perfectly, nor will it match the weather in anyway. In short, do not take the cam too seriously. It is just something that has been created for fun something to give WDW fans (like myself) their greatly needed Walt Disney World "fix" ... to get that feeling of "being there" without actually being there. Enjoy it for what it is.